Fargo Exotic Pet Expo 2023 - October 28th 2023 10am - 4pm | Red River Valley Fair - Butler Arena - West Fargo, ND
Fargo Exotic Pet Expo 2023 - October 28th 2023 10am - 4pm
Red River Valley Fair - Butler Arena - West Fargo, ND
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Making a Difference!

The Red River Reef and Reptile Expo is not here to make money. Our mission is to bring you the best event possible with high quality vendors, speakers and sponsors while raising awareness on the threats to the natural habitat as well as the threats to our hobbies as a whole. We pledge to support charitable organizations who's focus is in protecting our wild habitats while also protecting our beloved hobbies. The organizations we support have been crucial to making sure that the scientifically backed facts are used and legitimate protections are put in place when they are needed. They are also directly involved with the research and development of coral reef repair projects and coral transplants. Please consider supporting these organizations outside of our event as they are the ones who are making a real difference!

MASNA - Marine Aquarium Societies of North America - Logo

MASNA is a non-profit organization composed of marine aquarium clubs and individual hobbyists from North America and abroad, totaling several thousand individuals. MASNA’s goals are to:

  • Educate our members with online and published material, the MACNA conference, and other sanctioned events
  • Assist in forming and promoting the growth of clubs within the hobby while ensuring a sustainable future for the marine environment
  • Support the efforts to eliminate abuses in collecting and transporting marine organisms through education, assistance and encouragement
  • Encourage the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby and support captive breeding/propagation efforts

Coral Restoration Foundation Logo

Coral Restoration Foundation Mission: We are a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to creating offshore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species. These programs have allowed us to take the lead in new nursery and restoration techniques that are now implemented worldwide.

With proceeds from the event raffle we were able to adopt a coral in the CRF nursery which will one day be planted on the reef. The Adopt A Coral (AAC) program is designed to offer you the opportunity to directly fund restoration efforts of our local Florida Keys reefs. Included with all of our adoption packets is a letter of appreciation, a subscription to our monthly newsletter, and a CRF BCD tag!

If you would like to donate to the CRF or adopt a coral on your own, please check out the Donation Page!

USARK - United States Association of Reptile Keepers - Logo

USARK MISSION: The United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) is a science, education and conservation-based advocacy for the responsible private ownership of, and trade in reptiles. We endorse caging standards, sound husbandry, escape prevention protocols, and an integrated approach to vital conservation issues. Our goal is to facilitate cooperation between government agencies, the scientific community, and the private sector in order to produce policy proposals that will effectively address important husbandry and conservation issues. The health of these animals, public safety and maintaining ecological integrity are our primary concerns.

USARK has been actively engaged in executing an aggressive legislative strategy and building a legal framework to mount a challenge to defend and protect your rights. We must begin building a legal defense fund immediately to support this legal challenge. USARK is the pre-eminent voice of the herp community in Washington D.C. and we are asking everyone to contribute as this campaign will affect our entire community.

Reptile Defense Fund



PIJAC is organizing members and supporters to fight for the long-term viability of having fish as pets. We urgently need your help with these critical issues:

  • Endangered Species Act Petitions
  • The NOAA decision to list 20 species of corals as "endangered" or "threatened"
  • Ongoing anti-trade litigation and industry-crippling bill introductions at both the County and State levels in Hawaii
  • Visit the Aquatics Committee’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about PIJAC and the Aquatic Committee’s activities.
PIJAC’s mission is to:
  • PROMOTE responsible pet ownership and animal welfare
  • FOSTER environmental stewardship
  • ENSURE the availability of pets

Aquatic Defense Fund


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Please be sure to support our sponsors! We appreciate their support and know they will appreciate your business.