Fargo Exotic Pet Expo 2023 - October 28th 2023 10am - 4pm | Red River Valley Fair - Butler Arena - West Fargo, ND
Fargo Exotic Pet Expo 2023 - October 28th 2023 10am - 4pm
Red River Valley Fair - Butler Arena - West Fargo, ND
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Vendor Information!

The Red River Reef and Reptile Expo brings leading area and national vendors to the Fargo area related to the Reef and Reptile hobbies. These vendors bring with them the high end equipment and exotic life rarely seen in the area. Be sure to check out all of the great things the vendors bring to the Expo and show them your support!

If you are a vendor and are interested in coming to our event. Please check out the information on this page for further information.

Calling all Vendors!

You may ask yourself, why would you want to come to a Fargo event? Well we have outlined some of the characteristics of our event that may catch yout attention.

  • Vendor Exclusivity - All vendors at the event are COMMERCIAL. Hobbiest tables are kept to a minimum at this event to make sure vendors are able to provide the best livestock and products available.
  • Cost Effective - The table prices are kept as inexpensive as possible to make sure we are able to bring in the best vendors. Tables are priced to break even on the event costs, not to make a profit on the Vendors. (See below for actual pricing)
  • Underserved Market - We have a some great local and regional businesses supporting the hobbies and keeping of exotics. With the growing market there are always people looking for something special that they cannot get locally.
  • Brand Exposure - All involved will be featured on the website, advertising and social networking. Vendors will be featured also in press releases and may even be featured in LIVE news shots!
  • Hobby Crossover - Many of our attendees cross over between the hobbies. The event draws in a diverse crowd with a wide range of interest and experience. We hope The event may be the final step to them acquiring new interest and keeping of exotic critters.
  • Charitable Contributions - Profits from the event are donated to charitable organizations related to the hobbies to help protect and benefit the hobbies we love.
  • Kid Zone! - We all love to see the children and their enthusiasm toward the hobbies. We have gone the extra step and created a place just for the children where they can safely play, color, etc while the parents check out the rest of the event.

Vendor Pricing

  • Type A (Blue) - 2 or 3 Side Endcap Booth - $120
  • Type B (Green) - 2 Side Endcap Boot - $110
  • Type C (Purple) - Outside Wall Booth - $100
  • Type D (Yellow) - Interior Booth - $90

Add Ons:

  • 8' Table - $10
  • Folding chair - $2
Butler Machinery Layout

Vendor space is available for reservation by 10sq ft booth (10’ x 10’) in different configurations. Vendors can reserve more than one booth to allow for the larger setups. A map is attached lower on this document with the space layout. Booth configuration is flexible within the 10 foot space, but modification of layout and setup must pass Expo staff approval.

Space will be considered reserved once payment has been received. Expo space is reserved for commercial vendors exclusively. We reserve the right to fill as needed with other interested non-commercial parties, hobby-level or club organizations as needed.

All vendors will have an advertisement featured on the website along with their logo strategically placed on select print materials. Vendor participation will be announced via Social Media marketing as well. We will do our best to make sure all vendors get as much visibility as possible in Expo resources whether print or digital.

*** Table(s) not considered reserved until payment has been made ***

Vendor Benefits

  • Advertisement on Website
  • Logo on print materials
  • Social Networking Exposure
  • Event Booklet Logo/Name

All vendors have the opportunity to place advertising materials in the goodie bags given to all attendees.

Vendors are encouraged but not required to participate in the Charity Drawing.

All vendors will also receive priority marketing for future events!

We do have a private Facebook group as a Vendor Lounge to discuss Expo changes, dates and other important topics. If you have been a vendor or are signed up to be a vendor, contact our FB page to get the invite link!


Vendors will have the opportunity to utilize the overhead during specified setup times. The night before will be a for sure on availability. However the day of the event we may not be able to facilitate this. Please be sure to communicate if the use of the overhead door is something you are interested in.

Vendor & Sponsor Forms:

Vendor List for 2023!

Vendors will be added (Alphabetical) as they are confirmed!

Vendor List for 2022!
Vendor List for 2021!
Vendor List for 2020!
  • All Creatures Great and Small
  • Camp Masters Popcorn - BSA Troop 234 Tigers
  • Cellar Snakes
  • Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education (CAARE)
  • Cobbers for Critters
  • Creepies & Co. (Platinum Sponsor)
  • Fire n Ice Reptiles (Platinum Sponsor)
  • Frigid Feeders
  • Geckotah
  • Kritter Krazy Reptile & Exotic Rescue
  • Little Critters Pet Shop
  • Marshal Law Morphs
  • Moonbugs
  • Northern Designs
  • Russell's World
  • Talecris Plasma Resources (Gold Sponsor)
  • Tammy's Towels
  • The Aquarium Guys Podcast
  • The Iso Psycho
  • ** DK Reptiles ** - While unable to make it this year, he wanted to make sure he was still a part of the event!
Vendor List for 2019!
  • Astral Morphs
  • Animal Health Clinic
  • Cayden's Trails End Popcorn
  • Cellar Snakes
  • Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education (CAARE)
  • Creepies & Co. (Platinum Sponsor)
  • DK Reptiles
  • Eye Of The Gecko
  • Fang n Fur
  • Fire n Ice Reptiles (Gold Sponsor)
  • Geckotah
  • Joe B Reptiles
  • Little Critters Pet Shop
  • Make a Face!
  • Marshal Law Morphs
  • Midwest Aquarium Services (Gold Sponsor)
  • North Dakota Pigeon Society
  • North Dakota State University (Speaker)
  • Northern MN Reef Club - Frozen Ocean
  • Reef Deep Aquatics
  • Russell's World
  • Talecris Plasma Resources (Platinum Sponsor)
  • Tinker and Bone Studio


Platinum Sponsor Banner Fire n Ice Reptiles Talecris Plasma Resources - Moorhead
Gold Sponsor Banner IP Insurance Agency - Chad Iwen - Agent Northern Designs - The Candy Jar
Silver Sponsor Banner Reef Hobbiest Magazine Reed Mariculture - Ensuring Hatchery Success Marine Pure Ceramic Filter Media Ecological Laboratories - Microbe-Lift
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Bronze Sponsorship Available

Please be sure to support our sponsors! We appreciate their support and know they will appreciate your business.